We envisioned an inclusive closed-loop financial system specially designed keeping in mind the needs of small and marginal landholding farmers.

Our FinRural model puts farmers at the centre of food production, connecting them with buyers, organic goods producers, financial assistance and more.




To protect the needs of financially vulnerable smallholding farmers – helping them migrate to cashless transactions by digitization of all transactions


access to low-risk easy finance and funding


access to saving schemes, including micro pensions and payment services through non-bank networks


access to a special transaction card with the farmer’s digital profile (their farm information, soil & water quality) which can be used by the farmer for trading


access to real-time soil-and-water testing AgriTMS


access to sustainability solutions and training programs where farmers can learn climate-smart sustainable agricultural (CSSA) practices for food production


give them access to a dynamic marketplace (where produce prices are determined by trend analysis) where they can sell their quality produce at a healthy profit


give them access to an organic agricultural input marketplace where they can buy Farmics™ bio-inputs which in turn help reduce dependency on chemical inputs and revitalize their soil quality


access to getting your crops SuPr Crop organic certified – which is the world’s first metric-driven quality certification system that measures the nutritional parameters also (among other

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part of the FinRural Revolution?

Our goal is to help vulnerable farmers break free from the cycle of subsistence farming to gain economic independence and even affluence. The FinRural program is a part of Virenxia – a 360° sustainability solutions provider, working in food security.

We are looking to partner with farmer producer companies and organizations (FPC/FPO) in India and other developing nations where our solutions can drive maximum benefit to the true custodians of our Earth and our health – our farmers.

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Vicious to virtuous: A transformative approach to food and water security (March 16, 2022)

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